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Why second stories matter: The Costa Concordia case


"Every investigation leader - anywhere - should sit through this day with Nippin. It will change the way the world does investigations."

– Todd Conklin, PhD


"Nippin's provocative comparison of a "hero" and a "villain" provided much food for thought."

–  Professor Emeritus Erik Hollnagel

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We provide advisory services to Oil and Gas, Maritime and Renewable energy sector in the broader areas of safety management and human factors. Please get in touch to see how we can help you.


Our workshops are designed to create a thinking environment and promote self-reflection.  We do this through short presentations followed by incisive questions, active listening and engagement.

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Novellus Workshops

"Nippin has presented at the OCIMF on more than one occasion. I am fascinated by his forward thinking approach and pragmatic solutions to many of the challenges we face in the maritime sector."

– Captain Anuj Gupta, OCIMF Navigation Committee Chair


If you would like to invite Nippin for a speaking session, please get in touch. His main topics of interest include managing accountability and learning from failures. Nippin is known for his thought-provoking communication style and his natural ability to create a truly engaging and thinking environment. You will often hear him saying – “Thinking is hard but fruitful!”


Safety II in Practice with Erik Hollnagel

Interested to learn from how things well and apply in practice? We are organising a workshop titled ‘Safety II in Practice’ with Erik Hollnagel in January 2021. Seats are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. To find out more click here

Make It Safe 2020 Conference

Nippin is speaking at the Make It Safe 2020 Conference in BC, Canada. To find out more click here.

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