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What we do?

We are a team of researchers, business leaders and lifelong learners. Our expertise lies in helping you create a learning culture and unlocking people’s potential.

Our key services are leadership skills for a learning culture; accident investigations for learning; incident reporting and analysis; deep listening skills; and strategies for complying meaningfully with documented processes.

How we work?

How we work?

No two businesses are alike. Our approach is to partner with you, listen to your thoughts and concerns, understand your needs, and help you draw from your capabilities to achieve your vision and purpose.

Listening and thinking is at the heart of everything we do so you can think of us as your sounding board!

Our Approach

1. Understanding your needs

We begin with reviewing your approach to risk, safety and learning, understanding your purpose, and partnering with you to shift your focus from controlling people towards supporting them to achieve your business needs.

2. Creating a learning culture

Through a series of bespoke workshop and coaching sessions, we will help you create a space for listening, engaging and entertaining doubt in managing risk and safety management and fostering learning, collaboration, and a shared purpose.

3. Supporting meaningful change

Our team members will review your risk and safety performance on a periodic basis (for example audits, investigations and reporting systems) and provide constructive feedback to help you strengthen your competencies and achieve meaningful change.

Who we work with?

We work with visionary leaders who are genuinely curious to learn more than they knew yesterday. So far, we have been working with maritime, energy, nuclear, retail, oil and gas, aviation, construction, petrochemicals, education, health, insurance, film production, and public administration sector.

Hear what business leaders and world renowned experts have to say about our work.

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James Pomeroy Global Head and Safety Leader, Arup

"Nippin changes my perspective and challenges my thinking. With his gentle and diplomatic demeaner, he forces me to think deeper and broader about what I believe about safety and accidents, and why."

Murray Elliott President and CEO, Energy Safety Canada

"Dr. Anand brought an engaging and valuable contribution to our virtual Safety Summit. His presentation on the Costa Concordia incident challenged our attendees to think differently about the diversity of perspectives in safety investigations."

Dr Steven Shorrock Chartered Psychologist and Human Factors Specialist

"Nippin’s ability to create and convey narrative with international audiences is exceptional. As well as a depth of insight, he has a humility and sagacious perception of the world which people appreciate."

Cindi Nandlal HSE Manager - Point Lisas Nitrogen Limited, Trinidad, West Indies

"Nippin fuels discomfort and disruptive thinking that leads to a new understanding on accidents, safety and leadership. I highly recommend him if you want to change the way your organization views how major incidents can be prevented."

Tony Licu Head of Operational Safety and Risk, EUROCONTROL

"We engaged with Nippin to deliver a series of webinars on safety management and human factors. A thought provoking and insightful event – an eye opener and in my opinion a must for every safety and HF practitioner."

Captain Sergiy Dabizha Corporate Marine Manager, Exmar Ship Management

"Our investigations are now performed in a different way, there is so much improvement in the quality of investigation and understanding of process. Also, frequently occurring issues such as near misses are proving to show a higher learning potential than isolated incidents."

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Don Davies HSE Manager | TechnipFMC

An insightful course which has improved the outputs from our investigations and enhanced our understanding in learning from incidents. The training makes you rethink your approach when performing investigations, looking beyond the human error aspect. It helps you identify the real underlying and root causes, which in turn leads to meaningful actions to prevent recurrence.

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Amy Hill General Manager Operations, Australian Grand Prix Corporation

“The master class with Nippin was insightful, thought-provoking and a constructive way to challenge my thinking. Highly recommended for professional development and continuous learning.”


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    Our workshops are designed to create an engaging and listening space and promote reflection.  We do this through storytelling followed by incisive questions, deep listening and interactive discussions. Learning and change inevitably follows. 

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