Our story

20 years ago, Nippin experienced a critical machinery failure while his ship was in docks. In the absence of the spare parts needed to resolve the problem, the ship would have remained in the docks for the next 6 weeks. A loss that would run in millions. The solution to the problem did not come from the technical experts or the drawings and manuals. Instead, it came from asking the entire engine crew one open question: ‘what do you think?’ It turned out that the lowest ranking motorman, Reynold, knew a spare part that could fix the problem was located in the ship’s forward store. In fact, Reynold knew there were many more critical spares lying unused in the ship’s store.


This is a story of engaging, listening, and unlocking human potential at every level in the organisation and generating future possibilities while your competitors are stuck managing errors and learning lessons from the past.

It is more than a story; it defines who we are and everything we do.

What differentiates us?

The ability to think and reflect is increasingly limited to a few people in organizational and private life. What follows is narrow-minded leadership, compliance-oriented organizations and dissatisfied people at work.

Our purpose is to help leaders become curious, create space for thinking, listening and engaging, unlock human potential, and create a valued workforce and a productive workplace.

Our philosophy and values

Let’s explore our disagreements and differences, it brings the best out of us.

We are researchers not experts. We want to learn about you from you.

Once we understand our differences and limitations, we build relationship and trust. 

About Nippin

Nippin is a former master mariner with a master’s degree in economics, a PhD in Social Sciences and Anthropology and a desire for life-long learning in the wider disciplines of humanities, social psychology and philosophy. After a near collision at sea, he took up a passion for investigating accidents and helping leaders understand the importance of perspective in human failures. As a former subject matter expert at DNV, Nippin also developed an interest in making compliance meaningful for achieving business goals. He is the host of the podcast Embracing Differences, blogs regularly and is recognised both in the research community and across safety critical industries for his ability to make research accessible to businesses and people at work.

Meet the team

Meet the team of researchers, operational experts, lawyers, practitioners, listeners, thinkers, and amateur guitarists. What brings us together is a strong desire for lifelong learning.

Lincy Mathew – Executive Assistant

Lincy Mathew – Executive Assistant

Lincy grew up in the state of Kerala, South India. With over 13 years of experience as a virtual assistant with clients across the globe, Lincy enjoys administrative work and is passionate about organizing.

However, she also finds time for her creative passion, making art using repurposed materials, including bottles, eggshells and paper, inspired by the idea of second chances and redemption.

She enjoys other hobbies such as singing and playing the guitar and the keyboard in her free time. Lincy is a graduate in Computer Science and lives with her husband, Abhishek and their dog Shadow in Bangalore, India.

Pedro Ferreira – Chief Scientist

Pedro Ferreira – Chief Scientist

Pedro holds a PhD in “Manufacturing Engineering and Operations Management” by the University of Nottingham. He brings to Novellus Solutions over 20 years of a unique combination of academic and industry-based experience, across a wide diversity of sectors. Music and life by the seaside are two of his main inspirations to place cutting-edge science at the core of creative human factors-based solutions.

Anand Eswara – Chief Technology Officer

Anand Eswara – Chief Technology Officer

Telecommunication Engineer by education, Anand has a proven track record of architecting and building large scale technology solutions for Fortune companies. Having spent over 20 years in the software industry, Anand enjoys solving business problems using cutting edge technology and solid principles, from cloud computing to AI to blockchain. Anand enjoys tinkering with technology in all forms and is also passionate about workplace safety and the Confidus way.

Principal consultants

Dr Rob Long

Rob is an accomplished author, presenter and educator. He has published eleven highly successful books on the Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) and publishes extensively on the Internet. Rob’s 52 years in the workforce includes leadership and management in: building and construction, light industry, transport and logistics, corrections, education and training, not for profit organisations, social welfare, public service, risk, safety and business. 

Greg Smith

Greg is an international award winning author and the Principal of Wayland Legal, a niche legal practice specialising in employment and WHS advice. He has spent more than two decades specialising in safety and health management, focusing on helping clients to understand organisational and individual responsibility for safety and health, and implement and verify processes to discharge those responsibilities. 

Rosa Carrillo

Rosa Antonia Carrillo is a seasoned leadership coach and organizational consultant whose personal transformation has gone from extreme poverty to becoming a successful business woman who is in demand worldwideShe is author of, The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership. The secret is building co-creative relationships through inclusion, belongin


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    We are all ears

    Our workshops are designed to create a thinking and listening space and promote reflection.  We do this through storytelling followed by incisive questions, deep listening and interactive discussions. Learning and change inevitably follows. 

    Please get in touch if you want to hear more about our work.