nippin anand

nippin anand

hello, my name is Nippin Anand. I am a Principal Specialist in Safety Management System and Human Factors. i hold a PhD in Social Sciences, a master’s degree in Economics, a Diploma in Research methods and a ship captain’s licence.


With more than two decades of international exposure within the maritime, oil and gas sector (including 6 years as a safety inspector in the UK Continental Shelf), I have accumulated a career capital that spans across hands on operations, academic research, consultancy and certification and regulation in the maritime, oil and gas sector.


I am regularly invited to deliver keynotes, motivational speeches, workshops and guest lectures. I have been invited by:

  • the united nations
  • public administrations
  • accident investigation agencies
  • oil majors
  • energy and shipping companies
  • aviation sector
  • insurance and health sector
nippin anand
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what's in the logo?

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The picture is of Janus, an ancient god in the Roman mythology. Janus represents transition, time, duality, passages and ending. Janus is often depicted as having two faces - looking ahead and behind. for us this means learning from the past as much as embracing what lies ahead.


“the style of engagement encourages even the less communicative ones and reserved ones to open up and share their thoughts.”

– Bekir Sitki Ustaoglu PhD MSc MRIN Master Mariner

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