Learning from everyday work

"When something goes wrong, it has gone right many, many times before. that is why people do it. Without understanding how things go right most of the times, we have no hope of understanding why they go wrong occasionally."

- Nippin Anand


Our workshops are designed to create a ‘thinking environment’ and improve self-awareness. This is achieved through short presentations (20-25 mins) followed by incisive questioning, active listening and deep discussions.

accident investigations

Accident Investigations

Beyond human error

“The workshop aims to introduce advanced concepts in human factors in a simple and accessible manner with the view to enhance accident investigation and analysis skills.”

At the end of this workshop, the participants will be equipped with the knowledge to appreciate and think beyond ‘human error’.

Duration: 2 days

Learning outcome:

  • Accident investigations: where are we today?
  • Existing models, methods and concepts: strengths and limitations;
  • Rethinking safety: a new framework for accident investigations;
  • Introduction to advanced concepts in accident investigations;
  • Practical case studies into accident investigations;
  • Essential skills for investigators.
writing good procedures

Writing Good Procedures

Bringing imagination closer to reality

“If you are concerned about the ever-increasing size of your sms, you may wish to rethink the design of your procedures and checklists.”

Within many safety audits and investigations lies a common perception - ‘procedures not being followed’. A typical response is to create even more procedures and checklists leading to an overburdening safety management systems (sms) that becomes resource and cost intensive.

Procedures, checklists and risk assessments that are realistic, user-friendly and practical would gain an easy buy-in from end-users and result in lesser deviations and nonconformances. This workshop provides an opportunity to rethink and streamline your sms and improve business performance.

Duration: 2 days

Learning outcome:

  • Understanding the problems with procedures, checklists and risk assessments;
  • Understanding the types of procedures and checklists suitable for various situations and operations;
  • Acquiring the art of designing good procedures and checklists (formatting, styling, and the correct text for ease of understanding);
  • Designing procedures and checklists that are task-oriented, user-friendly, risk-focused and above all practical;
  • Understanding the common problems with designing and conducting risk assessments;
  • Understanding what can be done to improve the quality of risk assessments.
justice with sword on a gradient

Just Culture

Balancing learning and accountability

“Through real life case studies, find out how to balance learning and accountability when faced with challenging situations”

Just culture, at least as it is understood and applied in most organizations, is grossly misunderstood and often does the opposite of its original intention – promoting an unjust culture at work.

Duration: 1 day

Learning outcome:

  • What just culture is not and what it really means?
  • What is accountability?
  • How can we manage accountability?
  • Practical and real-life case study about balancing learning and accountability.
safety audits novellus

Safety Audits

Towards higher performance

“The workshop will introduce advanced concepts in performing safety audits with the view to enhancing performance and efficiency.”

This highly interactive course takes place over two days. Through interactive presentations, real-life case studies, and intensive thinking sessions, participants learn from the course facilitator and from each other.

Duration: 2.5 days

Learning Outcome:

  • An introduction to safety management system: where are we today?
  • Safety audits: what is missing?
  • Rethinking safety: the future of safety management;
  • An introduction to advanced concepts in safety management system;
  • Safety management: how to improve organizational performance through safety and quality audits?
  • practical case studies in safety audits;
  • essential skills for auditors.

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Rethinking Safety - Towards Better Audits and Investigations

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"Nippin facilitated a one-day session during a recent team meeting ... a powerful, thought-provoking session and one that we intend to follow-up with nippin in the future."

– Scott Baker, Head of Marine Standards Europe Svitzer

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