Learning from accidents


May 20 - 21 2024


All Day



This 2 days program approaches investigations from the perspective of Social Psychology Event Exploration & Knowledge (SEEK). SEEK is an event investigation methodology based on the foundations of a Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR).


Robert Long (founder of SPoR) will be joining Nippin Anand and Pedro Ferreira to host this program and talk about his extensive experience in Risk, Safety and Resilience.

Are we really learning from accidents?

Typically, we think of learning as a search for a ‘root cause’ (or causes) followed with corrective actions and recommendations.

In other words, a problem to be identified and a solution to fix the problem. Is that how you think about learning?

This workshop comprises of two sessions:

  1. In session 1, we will question our current approach to learning from accidents (and every day work).
  2. Session 2 will then provide a visual method (iCue) and a range of intuitive tools to facilitate learning.


For an introduction to the iCue method watch this video.

Watch this video for an example of an incident investigation using iCue.

In SEEK, we start with the investigator’s biases.

That’s where learning begins!

It’s fun, it’s intuitive, it’s participative and it taps our imagination.

That’s learning!

About SEEK

SEEK is based on the iCue method but specifically designed to carry out accident investigations.

The term SEEK represents a shift away from investigating the behaviour of those being investigated to helping uncover the biases and assumptions of those responsible for investigating and managing risk.

In other words, a shift from finding and fixing problems towards questioning and understanding the limits of our own worldview. That’s where learning and discovery begins.

Forthcoming books from the speakers

Nippin Anand

Are we learning from accidents: A quandary, a question and a way forward

Nippin has just finished a book – Are we learning from accidents? – and will make a stopover in Canberra to present his work.

The book presents the example of the Costa Concordia case and also provides practical methods and tools to learn from accidents. A copy of the book will be provided to all those attending the iCue workshop. 

This is not a one-off opportunity, once you have signed up to the course, you will become part of the iCue community. Nippin and his colleagues in the SPoR / iCue community hold online sessions every month where people from around the world meet and practice iCue. There are no costs or strings attached to being a member of this community.


Robert Long

Everyday Social Resilience

Wherever there is risk there is an equal and complementary need for resilience.

Whilst Risk Makes Sense, things don’t always go as planned. When risk ends well, we often congratulate ourselves for our skill and achievement, when in fact a great deal of luck is involved. When risk doesn’t go so well, we need to adapt and negotiate through a constellation of by-products that were not seen at the time of the leap of faith.

Our ability to navigate, adapt and learn from the outcomes of risk presents us with the opportunity to develop resilience.

There are many popular approaches to resilience that are individualistic, behaviourist and focused on the brain. We hear about ‘brain-fitness’, ‘mindfulness’, ‘Headspace’, ‘bounce back’ and a range of discourse in resilience that has a focus on ‘pull your self up by your boot straps’. This is NOT the approach of this book.


The workshop will be held at the Ballroom of the Tuggeranong Community Centre.



Original Price is £ 830.00 (GBP) – approximately $ 1600.00 (AUD)

Early Bird £747.00 (GBP) available until 20/04/2024.

For group discount (4 or more persons) please get in touch at support@novellus.solutions


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Canberra | Tuggeranong Community Centre
245 Cowlishaw St Greenway, ACT, 2900


  • Pedro Ferreira
    Pedro Ferreira
    Chief Scientist

    Pedro applies a wide diversity of industry and academic research experience to the understanding of how planning, learning and decision-making are at play in different organisations. He has over 20 years of experience as a consultant and researcher in the areas of Safety, Resilience and Ergonomics.
    Pedro holds a PhD in “Manufacturing Engineering and Operations Management” and a master degree in Ergonomics and Health & Safety.

  • Robert Long
    Robert Long
    Expert in social psychology

    Rob is the founder of Human Dymensions and has extensive experience, qualifications and expertise across a range of sectors including government, education, corporate, industry and community sectors over 30 years. Rob has worked at all levels of the education and training sector including serving on various post graduate executive, post graduate supervision, post graduate course design and implementation of programs.

  • Nippin Anand
    Nippin Anand

    Nippin has a Masters degree in Economics, a PhD in Social Sciences and a fascination in Cultural Anthropology. Working as a seafarer and travelling the world from the age of seventeen gave Nippin the unique opportunity to meet people who think differently. This experience has informed much of his work to date, encouraging him to find deeper meaning, as well as learn and grow through every challenge he undertakes.

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