The ethics of risk and safety: Conversations with Dr. Rob Long

Episode 18 - Featuring Dr. Rob Long

Embracing Differences podcast - dr rob long


What do you do when someone gets injured at work? Do you think about the paperwork that should follow or do you genuinely care about attending to the needs of the person who is hurt? In this episode, Dr Robert Long, an internationally renowned social psychologist takes us on an intellectual journey to understand the importance of Care ethics in safety and risk. At the core of Care Ethics is the morality of personhood, community, care and helping. Dr Long warns us that the safety industry is known for its ideology of zero which locks it into counting, mechanics, regulation and policing, all common to a Masculinist Ethic. As such, it loses out on attending to the most basic human need for care and compassion.

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Books by Dr. Robert Long:

  • Following-Leading in Risk – A humanizing dynamic
  • For the love of Zero – Human fallibility and risk
  • Real Risk – Human discerning and risk
  • Risky Conversations – The law, social psychology and risk
  • Risk makes sense – Human judgement and risk

can be found at: Dr Robert Long – Executive Director – Human Dymensions (Including Free downloads)

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