Our services are designed to help leaders become curious learners, creating space for thinking and listening, unlocking human potential, and creating a valued workforce and a productive workplace.


iCue®: a visual (semiotic) method to understand human decision making

iCue is a semiotic framework for understanding and visualising how human beings make decisions. The word iCue is not accidental but rather comes from the criticality of understanding the many ‘cues’ people give us in conversation if we have developed skills in effective listening and open questioning. The idea of being intelligent about these ‘cues’ is central to the iCue Engagement Process.

Learning focused accident investigations

Do you really want to learn from accidents? This interactive series is designed as a field guide to aid the process of investigating, processing, and analysing data and report writing in accidents. The objective of this course is to ask a simple question – “what has changed in our thinking and practice since we last conducted an investigation”? That is what we mean by learning focused investigations.

Meaningful Compliance - Services

Meaningful compliance

Delivered by two world renowned experts Nippin Anand and Greg Smith, this workshop explores the safety, operational and legal implications when documented systems become misaligned with their intended purpose. Through discussions and group exercises will help you create a “common narrative” about documented safety management systems and build strategies and tools to align documented processes with their intended purpose.

The Costa Concordia story

This is a world class documentary style workshop including first-hand video interviews with the Captain of the Costa Concordia. Delivered in a storytelling format, it will profoundly shift your perspective about accidents, scapegoating, human fallibility, psychological safety, just culture, compliance and the importance of being deliberate and focused about learning from accidents. 

Critical thinking in tackling risk - Leadership program

This 4-part series is designed as a leadership program for a learning culture. The program is based on Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR). Social psychology is about the study of human social behaviour, with an emphasis on how people think towards each other and how they relate to each other under the influence of social arrangements. It is a different way of understanding and tackling risk. As part of this program, you will feel challenged and at the same time offered a range of practical tools and methods that are unknown to the risk and safety industry.

Deep listening for learning

In this workshop, Rosa Carillo and Nippin Anand will discuss how listening helps leaders, managers, safety professionals, and accident investigators to gain greater access to information that reveals the contributing factors to accidents, incidents, and unexpected events. As a result of attending this workshop, participants will be able to better leverage the principles of listening and learning to improve safety and overall performance.

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Our workshops are designed to create a thinking and listening space and promote reflection.  We do this through storytelling followed by incisive questions, deep listening and interactive discussions. Learning and change inevitably follows. 

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