Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) Foundation course

See the world anew with SPoR!

You will see the world like you have never seen before. Your life will begin to flourish with the very first session. Walking, talking, listening, thinking, and observing will never feel the same as you come to know more about your Self and the Others by attending the foundation course in Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR). 


All it takes is a leap of Faith in the unknown. Are you ready?


About SPoR

SPoR is about understanding how we as human beings make decisions under the influence of social arrangements and how we relate to each other. It is a different way of understanding and tackling risk using practical methods and intuitive tools unknown in the risk and safety industry. In SPoR we focus on:

  1. the power of unconscious mind in human decision making
  2. the significance of people and relationships in understanding and improving organisational culture

Outline of Foundation in SPoR

Session 1

Workspace, Headspace, Groupspace

Want to know why language is the basis for enhancing risk maturity?

Session 2

Workspace, Headspace, Groupspace

Find out how we write, read, review, and think of risk

Session 3

Workspace, Headspace, Groupspace

Find out also how we talk, listen, and observe risk

Session 4

One Brain Three Minds™

A triarchic model to understand human decision making

The SPoR community

  • We now have a small SPoR community online. For a small monthly fee of £15.00 you will have access to unlimited resources including videos, articles, books, podcasts, peer reviews, and the opportunity to engage with others in the SPoR community. 
  • Every month we post case examples from different industry sectors where you will have the chance to review cases, share your thoughts and engage with others.

Other courses in SPoR

The iCue engagement process (basic)

The iCue engagement process (advanced)

SPoR and incident investigation

SPoR and cultural intelligence

SPoR and due diligence