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A conversational approach to learning and sensemaking from events

Learn all about the iCue™ engagement process in this video.

About iCue™

iCue is a visual framework for understanding and visualising how human beings make decisions. The word iCue is not accidental but rather comes from the criticality of understanding the many ‘cues’ people give us in conversation if we have developed skills in effective listening and open questioning. The idea of being intelligent about these ‘cues’ is central to the iCue Engagement Process. 

You will learn:

  •     How to listen, map and ask open questions in a conversation
  •     How to understand the hidden meaning and power of language in conversations
  •     How to storyboard and learn from events in a conversational style
  •     How to generate participation and engagement
  •     How to identify what is spoken and what remains unspoken
  •     How to ask insightful and higher quality questions
  •     How to frame questions to obtain new insights from recurring issues
  •     How to ask questions that would surface biases and misunderstandings
  •     How to ask question to encourage reflection and ‘out of the box’ thinking
  •     How to understand cultural differences and create a common purpose
  •     How to visualise and resolve conflicts and trade-offs
  •     How to listen so others will engage wholeheartedly
  •     How to conduct meetings (of minds) where people bring their full selves
  •     How to engage with different personality types in conversations (advanced iCue)
  •     How to map the culture of the organisation (advanced iCue)  


Watch the video or download the flyer to learn more about iCue


Social Psychology of Risk Foundation course

Outline of 5 sessions in iCue (basic level)

Session 1

iCue engagement process (Basic)

Practice session 1

The introductory session will set the tone for the next 4 practice sessions aimed at the iCue engagement process (basic level). You will learn how to use a whiteboard to map conversations, understand human decision making, think metaphorically, engage by asking open and incisive questions, think critically and listen to understand in the iCue engagement (basic) series. The application of iCue extends to include incident investigations, audits, risk assessments, management of change and nearly all forms of human interaction. 

Session 2

iCue engagement process (Basic)

Practice session 2

Session 3

iCue engagement process (Basic)

Practice session 3

Session 4

iCue engagement process (Basic)

Practice session 4

Session 5

iCue engagement process (Basic)

Questions and Answers

Practical guide:

  • Watch this video to learn more about the iCue engagement process.
  • All 5 sessions are designed to last for one hour each. The presenter will stay online for an extra 20 minutes to ensure everyone gets undivided attention. 
  • All 5 sessions will be conducted on Zoom.
  • If you cannot attend one of the sessions, you will have the opportunity to book a 30-minute session before the next session in the series to catch up with the group (for a small fee of £40).
  • Once you have paid the course fee, you will receive the iCue engagement kit (including a Pocket Guide) to practice on a whiteboard. The iCue kit costs £30 including postage.

The SPoR community

  • We now have a small SPoR community online. For a small monthly fee of £15.00 you will have access to unlimited resources including videos, articles, books, podcasts, peer reviews, and the opportunity to engage with others in the SPoR community. 
  • Every month we post case examples from different industry sectors where you will have the chance to review cases, share your thoughts and engage with others.