Towards Better Investigations and Audits

Many forward-thinking organisations are increasingly aware of the limitations of investigations and audits in improving safety. In spite of growing management efforts to improve learning and performance, investigations and audits largely remain a bureaucratic ritual, loaded with administrative burdens, focused on liability. All this inadvertently leads towards organisational secrecies, a blame-oriented culture, breaking down of trust and draining resources and increases the divide between frontline workforce and management.

The futility of (excessive) audits comes into particularly sharp focus when there is a serious accident and yet accident investigations inevitably struggle to bring about sustainable learning and improvements.

This workshop is not about how to conduct audits and investigations; there are many off-the-shelf courses available in the market designed for this purpose. Rather this workshop challenges our understanding of audits and investigation and their fundamental role in improving safety and learning. The key objective is to provide practical tools and concepts for creating a learning organisation.

Course schedule: available on request