Advanced Investigation – Theory and Practice

Session 1 with Todd Conklin

April 13, 2021 09:00 - 13:00
April 14, 2021 09:00 - 13:00

Session 2 with Nippin Anand

April 15, 2021 09:00 - 13:00
April 16, 2021 09:00 - 13:00

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“If you are an investigator of any stripe, if you are an HSE or H/OP professional in any industry, or even if you just love to solve mysteries, THIS is a great workshop to attend! Worth. Every. Penny. Spent.”
- Grant Cole, HSE Team manager, Oceaneering
"A different perspective of looking at things. Thinking outside the box."
- Janet DeCastro, Captain ConocoPhillips
"I wasn’t sure what to expect, but found that much of the analysis and insights into a sinking ship is highly relevant to my career in Biotech manufacturing."
- Peter Stevenson, Associate Director Biogen
“Really incredible information, research and perspective … exceeded my expectations especially considering that I came into this training with knowledge of the incident already.”
- Ansley Odell, Marine Safety Investigator, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
“Thanks to Nippin Anand for an inspiring day in Copenhagen … Again an example of how we should focus on our daily experiences to keep developing safety.”
- Hans A. Pedersen, Deputy Chief Pilot DanPilot
"Nippin did a great job with using stories to build up the case for change. I will be encouraging my company to bring this workshop to our campus."
- Sahika Korkmarz, Human Performance Advisor Chevron 
"An in-depth look at a dramatic event."
- Bo Underwood, Human Performance ConocoPhillips
"Even though I don’t work in the maritime industry, the workshop was every worth it. I’ll always be thankful that I made the right decision to attend this workshop. "
- Michael Aune, Special Projects Manager, HTS AmeriTek
"Nippin has a gift for moving beyond the idea of the obvious, and presenting comprehensive view of events. "
- Erick Anez, Director, Safety, Business Continuity and Disaster Management at Crowley

Workshop Design

Drawing on first-hand video interviews with the ship’s captain and extensive research in accidents we have created a documentary style narrative of this case.

Who Should Attend

“Only two words come to mind - curiosity and open-mindedness. we welcome diversity, debates, disagreements and differences so we can learn from your experiences.”


Organizations have traditionally used event investigations to determine cause and prevent re-occurrence of accidents.   Strangely, these outcomes seem like excellent reasons to investigate an event, but in reality, cause and re-occurrence prevention are not very effective outcomes of an effective investigation.  Investigations, at their most fundamental definition is a tool to allow the organization to learn.  Investigations learn and corrective actions fix problems both now and in the future.


Session 1 with Todd Conklin PhD (Advanced Investigations: Theory and Practice)

This session doesn’t spend time teaching professionals how to do investigations – doing investigations is not difficult.  This workshop spends the day talking about how to “think” about doing investigations: using the new view of safety as the presence of capacity and not the absence of prevention.

Every person who does investigations for their organization benefits from this workshop.  Thousands of safety professionals have been a part of this day-long discussion of how we change the conversation from the traditional question, “How did the worker fail the organization?” to the much more effective and valuable question, “How did the organisation’s work management system fail the worker?”

Investigations are the most effective way to facilitate change within an organization.  Investigations matter to the future of every organization’s safety journey.  In many ways, changing the way we think about investigations is the most effective lever for positive change in safety, reliability, and operational excellence.

Session 2 with Nippin Anand PhD (Learning from accidents: The Costa Concordia case)

On 12th January 2012, the passenger ship Costa Concordia collided with rocks and capsized off the island of Giglio in Italy in what became seen as one of the historic accidents in the maritime industry. A central question for us has been what can we learn from this accident and many such high-profile accidents? Drawing on first-hand (video) interviews with the captain and extensive research into accidents, we have created a documentary-style narrative of this accident.

Session 2 will provide an opportunity to put learning into practice through a systematic analysis of the events leading up to, during and after the accident on board the Costa Concordia. A key feature of this workshop is that we get to hear the perspective of the captain of the ship who was involved in the accident.

The session will be divided into two parts. The first part illustrates some underlying problems with our current approach to crew (bridge) resource management and will focus on team dynamics in safety-critical operations. The second part will shed light on how and why organisational plans (i.e. emergency response and contingency manuals) are a serious disconnect from the ability to recover from failures.

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Ticket price per session: US $650