Accident investigations program


The program is unique as it applies the key principles of the social psychology of risk to the way events are investigated. The Program assumes that events and investigations are conditioned by social arrangements and that social arrangements are a significant determinant on decision making and behaviours.

The SEEK program adds value to already existing incident investigation strategies and complements traditional strategies with adding a strong focus on:

  • The bias of the investigator
  • The decision making of the participants
  • Social arrangements
  • Culture of the organisation and,
  • Human contributing factors to events


Learning outcome:

  • Better understand themselves and the role and subjectivity of event and incident investigation.
  • Develop skills in causation sifting and understanding causation bias.
  • Learn about the foundations of social psychology and its contribution to event and incident investigation
  • Study the Costa Concordia case (other examples of major accidents) and learn what happens when investigations are distorted.
  • Develop skills in perception and defensiveness detection.
  • Learn skills of temperament type and engaging others in investigations.
  • Understand how culture impacts on events and investigation.
  • Develop effective questioning skills and interviewing techniques that support a social psychological approach to event investigation.
  • Be equipped with a range of SPoR tools to better manage event and incident investigations.
  • Develop strategies to incorporate social psychological perspectives in report writing.