Leadership and Culture program


The Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) understands culture Semiotically and Poetically. Industry normally seeks to define culture conceptually and propositionally and this most often leads to confusion.

This workshop leads by approaching the way leaders think of culture and offering a more holistic and Transdisciplinary understanding. This helps leaders not just understand culture better but empowers the use of better tools to influence culture.

Much of the SPoR approach to culture is experiential using the ‘Culture Cloud’ to establish understanding.

Workshop Structure

The workshop structure is as follows:

  • Introductions
  • Language Audit
  • Classifying cultural language/metaphors
  • Introducing the Culture Cloud
  • Tackling culture as a ‘wicked problem’
  • A method to influence culture
  • iCue Engagement learning
  • Micro-training exercise
  • Reflections

Workshop outcome:

By the conclusion of the workshop leaders will:

    • Better understand the challenges of culture
    • See how language shapes culture
    • Access SPoR tools to influence culture
    • Practice iCue methods
    • Gain a vision for cultural influence


This one-day workshop is only introductory and gives an overview of some of the ways SPoR can help leaders better tackle the challenges of culture. To affect change in culture is strategically a longitudinal project.