Culture and Risk Intelligence

In this 3-day program the participants will begin to feel and experience ‘Culture’. Together we will learn to listen, observe and recognise risk by becoming culturally sensitive. Put simply, through the other we come to realise the limits of our worldview.

The Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) understands culture Semiotically and Poetically. The industry normally seeks to define culture conceptually and propositionally which misses out on how to influence culture and cultural change.

This program addresses the way we think of culture and offers a more holistic and Transdisciplinary understanding. This helps participants not only understand culture but also provide practical tools to become strategic about cultural change.

Not defining Culture

Instead, learning about Culture by immersing in Culture

How Culture is (mis)understood

In an attempt to understand culture, we have been ‘dumbed down’ to ‘what we do around here’. Unfortunately, this simplistic definition has reduced culture to behaviours. This is no more evident than in the way people describe Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) as a ‘cultural program’. Behaviour are not culture and behaviourist strategies fail because they understand the human as the sum of inputs and outputs. Nothing could be a greater distraction in addressing risk than confusing behaviour as culture.

The language of culture is bandied about in so many meaningless ways in industry, people claim to measure culture, talk about culture and even use the word ‘culture’ in their organisation’s name and simply mean behaviour. The three most prominent definitions of culture in the industry are: behaviour- as-culture, legislation-as-culture, or systems-as-culture. Unfortunately, the excessive misuse of the ‘spin’ of culture in organisations has now made it all the more difficult to really tackle the issue of culture and risk in a meaningful way.

The Culture Cloud

There is no such thing as ‘a normal’

Learn to appreciate the many normals that underpin other Cultures

Program outcome

As part of this program, the participants will:

  • Unpack the Culture Cloud (the SPoR framework for understanding Culture) to better understand key elements of culture.

  • Acquire a new understanding of human judgment and decision making.

  • Learn how social arrangements affect human decision making.

  • Experience new models of understanding culture including as: The Collective Unconscious and Semiosphere.

  • Learn about Implicit/Tacit Knowing in Culture.

  • Draw together principles of Social Psychology to understanding risk.

  • Explore specific Social Psychological principles eg. fragility, by-stander effect, bounded rationality, and obedience.

  • Be introduced to Wicked Problems, Boundary Objects and Collective Coherence.

  • Engage in experiential activities to learn about semiotics, semiosis, spacial and visual literacy.

  • Be introduced to practical ‘tools’ to assist the delivery of Social Psychology of Risk principles in the workplace.

  • Be introduced to the idea of ‘risk intelligence’ and how heuristics, framing and priming and discourse are critical to managing risk.

  • Practice the use of Social Psychology of Risk tools in the assessment of culture. (Several culture audit and assessment tools will be provided).

  • Better understand the Social psychology of influencing.

What you should not expect

  • Not the ‘do you know’ kind information based learning.

  • Not the typical thinking, reflecting, & passive consumption of classroom knowledge.

  • Not the experts claiming to save the world by their colourful recipe for success.

What you can expect

  • Practical tools to improve listening and observation skills.

  • Perceptive and practical tools for observing other cultures, rituals and symbols to challenge our deepest assumptions.

  • A new perspective of the world.

  • A new set of ’eyes and ears’ to recognise the risk.

  • A carefully designed pack of tools, methods, Culture Audit checklists (and a coffee mug) to help ensure sustained learning.

  • An online community who finds joy in sharing experiences (and meals) and helping others learn and grow.

More details on structure and contents are available in the program brochure

What is considered a taboo in your culture?

Do you know how to recognise the cultural silences?

What is said and what is left unsaid?