Online coaching Series: iCue® Engagement Process (9 weeks)


Oct 07 2022 - Dec 02 2022


1 hour sessions every week
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



About the iCue® Engagement process

The iCue® Engagement Process is an open process of concept mapping (according to iCue® Listening) the thinking and decision making of the participants. The iCue® Engagement Process is visual (semiotic), transparent, relational, and participative. This is the source of its power and effectiveness as it represents real-time response in-situ, undetermined by preconceived ideas and agendas that are often hidden in checklists and drop-down tools.

What do I need for practicing iCue®?

We realise that becoming a listener and an observer takes time and practice. The iCue® Method and Process comes with a toolkit (scenario cards, pocket guide and magnet coasters). The iCue® kit (GBP 30.00) is included in the total price. If you do not wish to receive it please use the coupon “nokit”.

You would need a whiteboard, marker pens (assorted colours) and a few sessions of guided coaching that would set you on a path towards risk maturity and cultural intelligence. For the curious ones, we will also provide reading material free of cost if you wish to immerse deeper.

How would iCue® benefit me?

iCue® is a practical method to improve leadership skills, risk maturity and cultural intelligence. We designed iCue® for pilots, surgeons, mariners, technicians, doctors, boardroom members, and anyone whose success depends upon interacting with others. iCue® allows you to:

  • improve the quality of your decisions
  • make reflective decision making a habit
  • develop listening and observation skills
  • discover new ways of resolving recurring problems
  • understand different views and build on differences
  • enhance collaboration and planning
  • sharpen your risk maturity
  • improve your cultural intelligence
  • adopt a pro-active approach to risk management
  • experience the joy of learning
  • see the world anew
  • live, flourish and enhance your wellness

9 weeks program 

Week 1: 1 Brain 3 Minds – Understanding the unconscious in human decision making

Week 2: Workspace, Headspace, Groupspace – Layers of risk and recognition in language

Week 3: Talking, Listening and Observing in conversations

Week 4 iCue engagement process – an overview

Week 5: iCue engagement process – practice session 1

Week 6: iCue engagement process – practice session 2

Week 7: Culture Cloud – a framework for Culture audit

Week 8: Culture Cloud – a framework for Culture audit

Week 9: Summarising the session with Q & As




  • Nippin Anand
    Nippin Anand

    Nippin has a Masters degree in Economics, a PhD in Social Sciences and a fascination in Cultural Anthropology. Working as a seafarer and travelling the world from the age of seventeen gave Nippin the unique opportunity to meet people who think differently. This experience has informed much of his work to date, encouraging him to find deeper meaning, as well as learn and grow through every challenge he undertakes.

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