iCue™ method: an introductory session


Jan 24 2023


London time
8:30 am - 10:30 am



Workshop | Aberdeen 24 January, 2023 8:30 am -10:30 am London time

iCue™ is a visual method for understanding and visualising how human beings make decisions. The purpose of the iCue method is to make the unconscious level of human decision-making visible (nearly 98% of decisions are made in the unconscious mind). All we really need is a whiteboard to do so.

The method is both intellectual and at the same time intuitive and practical and can be used from worksite to boardrooms.

In this breakfast session, we will give you a taster of how to:

  • Listen, map and ask open questions in a conversation
  • Understand the hidden meaning and power of language in conversations
  • Storyboard and learn from events in a conversational style
  • Generate participation and engagement
  • Identify what is spoken and what remains unspoken
  • Ask insightful and higher quality questions
  • Frame questions to obtain new insights from recurring issues
  • Ask questions
    • that would surface biases and misunderstandings
    • to encourage reflection and ‘out of the box’ thinking
    • to understand cultural differences and create a common purpose
  • Visualise and resolve conflicts and trade-offs
  • Listen so others will engage wholeheartedly
  • Conduct meetings (of minds) where people bring their full selves
  • Engage with different personality types in conversations (advanced iCue)
  • Map the culture of the organisation (advanced iCue)  

It has incredibly practical applications. Nippin is currently writing a book on the famous Costa Concordia accident using the iCue framework where he is mapping his conversation with the Captain to make sense of the story. 

Watch this video or download the flyer to learn more about iCue™

Here’s also a worked example of iCue to give you a practical flavour of how it works in practice. Hundreds of people have applied it in their work and private lives and found it very intuitive, interactive and helpful. iCue helps us to slow down, think of our biases, listen and understand before we expect to be understood.

We hope that you can join us on the day.


Provender House

37 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen AB11 5BS


37 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen AB11 5BS


  • Nippin Anand
    Nippin Anand

    Nippin has a Masters degree in Economics, a PhD in Social Sciences and a fascination in Cultural Anthropology. Working as a seafarer and travelling the world from the age of seventeen gave Nippin the unique opportunity to meet people who think differently. This experience has informed much of his work to date, encouraging him to find deeper meaning, as well as learn and grow through every challenge he undertakes.

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