iCue™ workshop: sensemaking and learning from events


Feb 23 - 24 2023


London time
9:00 am - 4:00 pm



iCue™: A conversational approach to sensemaking and learning from events

The 2-day workshop

The in-person workshop is designed to begin with a strong foundation in Social Psychology of Risk followed by practice sessions in iCue engagement. It is recommended that participants undertake at least 5 online sessions to practice iCue after attending the in-person session.


About the iCue™ engagement process

The iCue Engagement Process is a visual mapping of how human beings think and make decisions. The iCue Engagement Process is transparent, relational, semiotic (visual) and participative. This is the source of its power and effectiveness as it represents real-time response in-situ, undetermined by preconceived ideas and agendas that are often hidden in checklists and drop-down tools.

How would iCue™ benefit me?

You will learn:

  • How to listen, map and ask open questions in a conversation
  • How to understand the hidden meaning and power of language in conversations
  • How to storyboard and learn from events in a conversational style
  • How to generate participation and engagement
  • How to identify what is spoken and what remains unspoken
  • How to ask insightful and higher quality questions
  • How to frame questions to obtain new insights from recurring issues
  • How to ask questions that would surface biases and misunderstandings
  • How to ask question to encourage reflection and ‘out of the box’ thinking
  • How to understand cultural differences and create a common purpose
  • How to visualise and resolve conflicts and trade-offs
  • How to listen so others will engage wholeheartedly
  • How to conduct meetings (of minds) where people bring their full selves
  • How to engage with different personality types in conversations (advanced iCue)
  • How to map the culture of the organisation (advanced iCue)

Watch this video or download the flyer to learn more about the iCue engagement process.

What do I need for practicing iCue™?

The iCue™ Method and Process comes with a toolkit (pocket guide and magnet coasters). The iCue™ kit (GBP 50.00) is included in the total price. If you do not wish to receive the kit, please use the coupon “nokit”.

You would need a whiteboard, marker pens (assorted colours) and a few sessions of guided coaching that would set you on a path towards risk maturity and cultural intelligence.


2-day program overview

Day 1

  • Workspace, Headspace, Groupspace: Why language is the basis for enhancing risk maturity?
  • Workspace, Headspace, Groupspace: How we write, read, review, and think of risk
  • Workspace, Headspace, Groupspace: How we talk, listen, and observe risk
  • One Brain Three Minds™: A triarchic model to understand human decision making

Day 2

  • An overview of iCue method and application
  • iCue engagement process (Basic): Practice session (risk assessment)
  • iCue engagement process (Basic): Practice session (incident investigation)
  • iCue engagement process (Basic): Practice session (interviewing and observation skills)
  • iCue engagement process (Basic): Questions and Answers


Terms and conditions

Read our terms and conditions before you book your seat.


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  • Nippin Anand
    Nippin Anand

    Nippin has a Masters degree in Economics, a PhD in Social Sciences and a fascination in Cultural Anthropology. Working as a seafarer and travelling the world from the age of seventeen gave Nippin the unique opportunity to meet people who think differently. This experience has informed much of his work to date, encouraging him to find deeper meaning, as well as learn and grow through every challenge he undertakes.

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