Are We Learning From Accidents? by Nippin Anand

Are we learning from accidents? Dr Nippin Anand’s research into the Costa Concordia disaster and my interviews with Captain Schettino suggest not.

The answer to the problem of learning lies not so much in designing fail-safe technologies and user-friendly systems as in questioning our fears, myths, beliefs, rituals, worldviews and imagination about risk and safety.

When we recognise the mythical and non-rational nature of risk and safety beliefs, our focus will shift from counting and controlling hazards towards pathways that make us humble, curious, doubtful and conscious about the human ‘being’. When we begin to accept that humans are fallible, we search for better ways to humanise the risks and relate to people.

Through a lived journey of dissonance, disturbance, learning and change, this book offers an alternative pathway to wisdom in risk intelligence, and a range of practical methods to tackle risks in an uncertain world.


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