A discussion on myth, mythology and science

I was in Athens a few weeks ago and I visited a church there. Upon seeing a picture hanging on the wall, I told the priest, ‘We have a very similar image in Hindu temples.’

And guess what the priest said. ‘But this is real.’

So, my faith is mythical and yours is real!

In science, we do the same.

A quest for ‘root cause’ is real.
‘Swiss Cheese’ is real.
‘Toolbox talks’ are real.
‘Risk metrices’ are real.

And witch hunt is mythical?

We are so busy ‘debunking’ myth and creating a divide between what is mythical and what is real. But what really is a myth and can science and our quest for truth ever replace myth?

And when we ‘debunk’ a myth what do we replace it with?

Is science not a myth?

Here’s a podcast recorded in an Indian temple with my two friends Dr Rob Long and Matt Thorne where we talk about myth, mythology and mythosphere and discuss a few popular myths within risk and safety.

I hope this podcast will make you think, give you an alternative view on myth (not better or worse, but an alternative view) and why we human beings can never do away with myth.

Disagreements and differences are so very welcome – how else do we learn!

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