Who cares about the methodology!

Is it a mere coincidence that I am reading Max De Pree’s book, ‘Leadership is an Art’ this morning as I came to release this podcast? In my world, everything is significant, nothing never happens. So, I take it as serendipity.

This podcast was created to illustrate the power of ‘belief’. Who are you (as a leader) and what do you believe in?

De Pree was one of the most successful leaders of his times and he wrote many books on leadership (worth a read). But he believed that people come first.

Ask any leader and they would say ‘people matter’. But probe further and they can’t hold their own truth for very long. Why? Because their words are not consistent, and more importantly because their thoughts don’t align with their actions. Interestingly, much of this happens at an unconscious level meaning we are not even aware of what we believe in. Isn’t it sad that there is little self-awareness in people who we trust with our money, health, children (at school), pensions and lives.

I recently had a conversation with a ‘leader’ who was appointed to create ‘change’ in his organisation. I asked him about his motivation to join another company. The only thing I heard was how ‘unsatisfying’ his current job was and that the ‘package on offer’ was irresistible. Is this a person who will create change?

Most leaders are not even aware of what they believe in. And it frustrates people when you say one thing and do another. You cannot change anything or anyone without being consistent with your words and actions.

Back to De Pree’s wisdom, do you really care about people when the first thing on your mind is your own selfish needs and the urge to control others (data, rewards, measurements etc.).

So we created this podcast to shed light on the importance of a methodology. What is a methodology and why it matters?

Your methodology is your belief. If you believe profit comes before people,
that’s your methodology. If you believe your own bonuses should come first,
that’s your methodology. It’s how we chose to live our lives and then use all
the methods and tools to achieve what we believe. there is nothing wrong with
being self-centred or putting profits first. What people mostly struggle with
is doublespeak.

A methodology is not academic gibberish, it is the foundation of a belief system and largely unconscious.

I hope this podcast with Dr Rob Long and Matt Thorne will enable you to question deep inside what you believe in.


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