Sentir-se em casa, longe de casa

Inicialmente, desenvolvi esta reflexão em Inglês, seguramente porque este idioma se tornou dominante em toda a minha actividade profissional. Assumi depois o dever a de traduzir para Português, procurando trazer para a minha língua materna uma pequena parte de uma mudança que observo na minha forma de ser e de pensar, e que gostaria de […]

Why methodology matters?

I have just returned from Canberra – a city built on the imagination of Marion Mahony Griffin. We will come back to this woman of genius but first let us focus on the power of her imagination from nearly a century ago. The term ‘Canberra’ comes from the Aboriginal word ‘Nganbra’ which means the ‘meeting […]

Are you listening to the unconscious?

Meet Martin. The man who took me to the airport this morning on my way to Athens. I sat in the taxi and went straight on my mobile phone checking emails. How silly. But then I closed everything and turned my attention to Martin, ‘So for how long have you lived in the UK?’ (the […]

The lost art of meeting the other

In Fremantle, a few days ago, Pedro and I unknowingly ended up in a festive market. Everything seemed mundane until I spotted a shop selling rainstick and didgeridoos. I saw a lot of interesting stuff in this shop including mandalas, spiritual books, tarot cards, chimes, didgeridoos and more. The shopkeeper showed me around with passion […]

A short story of Faith and Karma

25 cents

Synchronicity. The outer world will bring a meaningful experience to the inner Self when we learn to walk in awareness. Last night, after five days of intensive workshops and semiotic walks in Canberra, we moved to a different apartment in Canberra. This time we were closer to the city. As I stepped out, I noticed […]

Stories are us

Our stories are not only bigger than the components (the characters, the plots, the timelines, the facts and the evidences) – often there is no relationship between the stories and the components. In accidents (and in life), we are so quick at creating stories. The good and the bad; the sacred and the profane; the […]

What can we learn from Quakerism?

Returning home after a wonderful time in Edinburgh with my friend Steven Shorrock. Steve offered to write the foreword for my forthcoming book. What touched me the most in his foreword was the comparison Steve saw between Quakerism and my own faith (Hinduism). We met at the Quaker Meeting House in Edinburgh to discuss my […]

A discussion on myth, mythology and science

I was in Athens a few weeks ago and I visited a church there. Upon seeing a picture hanging on the wall, I told the priest, ‘We have a very similar image in Hindu temples.’ And guess what the priest said. ‘But this is real.’ So, my faith is mythical and yours is real! In […]

Can technology make the world a safer place?

There’s something paradoxical about having conversations with strangers. It’s short lived and transactional but its impact can last for a lifetime. One of those rare human encounters where we don’t care being judged for speaking our heart. Last week, I took a taxi from Aberdeen airport heading home – a memorable ride. I got inside […]

Who cares about the methodology!

Is it a mere coincidence that I am reading Max De Pree’s book, ‘Leadership is an Art’ this morning as I came to release this podcast? In my world, everything is significant, nothing never happens. So, I take it as serendipity. This podcast was created to illustrate the power of ‘belief’. Who are you (as […]

Myths We Live By

‘Hello there, let’s start with your surname first?’ Anand ‘Your name?’ Nippin Your son’s surname? I smiled and said, ‘Of course, it is the same as me, Anand.’ ‘Well, that’s fab but nothing is of course, Mr Anand.’ It’s just the start of a conversation with the receptionist (let’s call her Sue) to get our […]

Not everything that can be counted counts …

This was just 2 weeks ago I was flying a domestic flight in India from Pune to Chennai. A packed flight where I noticed these four young flight persons working so hard to ensure everyone is served well. The flight announcement caught my attention when one of the attendants ended by saying, “we are globe […]